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Coniston cricket ground is set in Lake District National Park, with a stunning view of Yewdale Crag mountain. 

The locale is full of impressive features such as the Old Man of Coniston, which rises dramatically behind the houses and dominates the village and it’s Walkers and Climbers’ favourite spot and has attracted tourists since the introduction of Railways in the Victorian era.

The area is associated with famous personalities like John Ruskin, the art critic, philanthropist and social thinker who lived here and Beatrix Potter, best-known children’s books owner of an Estate in a nearby area and Donald Campbell, the water speed record holder.

Coniston Water in the English county of Cumbria in Northwest England is the largest lake in the Lake District by volume and by area.  It’s 5 miles long and half a mile wide and a depth of 184 feet.  The lake has an elevation of  143 ft. above sea level.

The Coniston Cricket club has been desperate for some time to replace its small, ageing pavilion.  It was founded in 1890 and the club plays in Divisions 1 & 4 of the Westmorland Cricket League and had its successes over the years.  Now It has three sides viz., first and second teams and junior boys.  

The club’s former base was a small wooden structure with very limited facilities, with parts dating back over 100 years, to when the club began in 1910. In contrast, the new pavilion, built by Cumbrian firm Hesket Timber Buildings and Joinery, is complete with a kitchen and bar in the centre with an indoor seating area, two changing rooms, two toilets and an outdoor decking. The interior work and final additions were done voluntarily by players from the cricket team.

Donations came in from local businesses, charities, trusts, and the public. The Rawdon Smith Trust was one of the charities who contributed significantly towards the new pavilion. Before cutting the ribbon in front of the crowds of people that had gathered at the ground to witness the opening, Vera Grant said: “The Trust has great pleasure in opening this pavilion. We’re very keen on community activity and Coniston is remarkably fortunate in having wonderful facilities and lots of community groups who are prepared to make things work.”

Coniston Cricket Club have been raising the £35,000 from 2015,  needed to repair a rotten and falling down pavilion.

Coniston Cricket Club’s brand-new pavilion was officially opened in 2019 by Rawdon Smith Trust Trustee Vera Grant.


A fundraising campaign involving the All Stars programme for 5-8 year old kids and over 25 kids signed up and they enjoyed a fun, interactive programme; the parents and other family members came to watch and enjoy the new Pavilion.  Ladies enjoyed taking part in women’s soft ball sessions.  

The club runs All Stars and the new 8-11 years kids viz., Dynamos regularly from 2020 along with the soft ball for Mums, Aunts, Nans , sisters etc and also organizing a women’s softball festivals.


The club also conducts rudiments of the game, like Scorers training, and also First Aid training etc.

The club plays senior cricket on most Saturdays from April- October.

There’s physical access to the site and access to the sports on offer in general and can be accessed from Yewdale Road through a wooden gate that is permanently open.  Parking is on the road.

The club welcomes public interest in their sports and they allow people to visit the site and use it when no game is played.  The pitches can be hired and there are ideas to offer lessons and introductions for visitors.

Plenty of benches are now available to view the games from all angles.  The club also welcomes new members and more guests to the game.

More people are turning up to watch the games and has given a great space to run activities in the village.  People enjoyed BBQ, home made cakes, a bar and a raffle , all of which were organised by people in the community.

The All Stars programme for 5-8 years is an initiative of England & Wales Cricket Board and around 30 children both boys and girls turn up in cricket based games.  This programme is run by club volunteers and takes place every Friday evening from 5.30 p.m. 

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  1. raju1426 says:

    Well researched and nicely written!

    You chose lesser known but grounds with great history to write about. That’s fantastic.

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