Blenheim Palace ( VIDEO)

Blenheim, the home of the Duke of Marlborough, has hosted cricket matches since the end of the 19th century. Like many other estates, Blenheim Palace managed its own team, even employing cricket professionals to ensure high standards were maintained.

Regular cricket stopped when estates were no longer able to sustain their pool of cricket-playing staff and did not resume until the 1950s, when the 10th Duke of Marlborough suggested the formation of a local team, offering the palace grounds as its home.

Since then, the Blenheim Park Cricket Club, who mainly consist of locals who live and work in the area, have had the privilege to play on the palace’s south lawn. There is no need for the club to compete in a particular league, because there are so many teams eager to play at these scenic venues, including regular visitors; Zingari and Bunburys accompanied by Sir Ian Botham and Mark Ramprakash. The high demand also means that most of the club’s matches are played at home, away games are saved for when the venue is being used by the palace such as the International Horse Trials.

As a popular tourist destination, cricket sometimes has to be paused so a visitor from a non-cricket-playing nation, who has unknowingly wandered onto the playing area can be gently redirected. A time-out may also occur while a guest of the Duke arrives in a helicopter.

 It is rumored that if you hit the Palace, which is about 100 meters ( 328 ft.) away, you will get a reward, though this might well be equal to the bill for repairs.

Attractions in Palace

  • The Pleasure Gardens :-  Take a miniature train from the Palace, explore the adventure playground and don’t forget to grab a hot drink or a delicious Pizza at the Pleasure Gardens Pizza cafe.
  • Walks :-  There are many walks to experience at the Palace and here are a few :-

               Formal gardens:  A 1.5 mile walk taking one hour .

               The Wake :  A 0.75 mile circular walk taking 35 minutes.  

  The Queen Pool :  A 1.5 mile circular walk around the lake taking 45 minutes.  A dog-friendly route and suitable for wheel chair users.

           Garden Audio tour :- A 2.2 mile walk taking 1 hour.

  • Palace State Rooms :  Listen to an Audio tour of some of the most magnificent rooms and artefacts , hearing from experts on their fascinating history.    

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