ARNOS VALE  STADIUM, St. Vincent, Windward Islands, West Indies

Photo : Google .com

The Arnos Vale Stadium is a cricket ground in Arnos Vale, St. Vincent and Grenadines, Windward Islands, near Kingston, West Indies.

 The multi-use ground – part of Arnos Vale Sports Complex – is situated next to and to the west of the Arnos Vale Playing Field.

Arnos Vale is better known as the “Playing Fields”.

The stadium holds the capacity to accommodate 18,000 people and is mostly used for football and cricket matches.

The scenic ground sandwiched between E.T. Joshua Airport and the Caribbean sea has come through a wonderful transformation in preparation to stage four warm-up games of World cup 2007.

A major renovation took place costing East Caribbean $20 million in preparation for WC 2007.  The ground is frequently on the list of the most beautiful venues.  GQ magazine said the stadium almost looks like a postcard from the Caribbean on the edge of the ocean so you might be actually watching the action from a luxury yacht with green tropical cliffs in the vicinity.

St. Vincent was Captain William Bligh’s original destination before the mutiny on Bounty detained him.  When he finally arrived he brought with him a breadfruit tree whose descendants still grow there today.

Fans of the “Pirates of Caribbean” movie may recognise the locations at St. Vincent from where the film was shot. 

The stadium hosted its first-ever international game on 4 February 1981. The match was an ODI between West Indies and England and was a close encounter which the hosts won by two runs. It is the home ground of the Windward Islands.

The stadium hosted 3 Tests so far.  Bangladesh played 2 Tests and Srilanka played 1 test here.

It has also hosted 23 ODIs and out of which 18 ODIs were won by West Indies & 1 match TIED.
 Its maiden Test match came in 1997, when the West Indies played Srilanka to a draw, with Sri Lanka finishing on 233–8 chasing a target of 269 runs. The second Test held at the ground, in 2009, saw Bangladesh record their maiden Test victory over the West Indies by 95 runs. At the time the West Indies were without many of their leading players due to a dispute with the Windies Cricket Board, so seven Test debutantes featured in the West Indian team.

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