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“ thanks a lot of ur love and support throughout. From 1929 hours consider me as Retired “ – a terse message posted by M.S. Dhoni on his retirement from International cricket on his Instagram page on 15.8.2020 as there were speculations rife for more than a year since 2019 World cup Semi Final ( played in England) Vs New Zealand impending his retirement announcement.  Ultimately this match turned to be his last International match.


Between 2000 & 2005 India saw 12 wicket keepers starting from M.S.K. Prasad and at last India found a Wicket keeper in M.S. Dhoni.   He donned the gloves for the first time  for India in 2004 for ODIs and 2005 in Tests.  And rest is history.

Dhoni’s rise is a rags-to-riches story and has been a one of a phenomenal success, punctuated by occasional blips in performance.  Dhoni is the ideal icon for modern India. Aggressive with decorum, mostly along with stardom and an apparent happy-go-lucky Midas touch, Dhoni is the perfect blend of a role-model and pin-up star.

Dhoni took his father’s advice “Don’t let the success get to your head keep going”.  A rather simple word of caution but not necessarily easy to execute.  The Indian youth has grown to mock the word, but Dhoni has taken victories in his stride along with defeat in equanimity and gave importance to evaluation at a micro-level as a tool to pave the way forward with relative indifference to the results.

Dhoni went on to become quintessential Captain Cool, arguably the world’s best finisher and one of the all-time greats of Limited overs cricket, bringing about a revolution that put the onus on the batsmen to pull off unlikely chases.


M.S Dhoni Retires from International Cricket: ‘One name, a million memories’, ICC pays tribute

Courtesy : ICC’s twitter


  • M.S Dhoni announced his retirement from International cricket. 
  • ICC pays tribute to M.S Dhoni ‘One name, a million memories. 
  • ‘One of the Greats’  

Mahendra Singh Dhoni, one of the greatest captains in cricket history and the best finisher, retired from international cricket on 15 August 2020. Now Dhoni will never hit the ground in Team India’s jersey, he informed his fans through a video on social media. 

The former captain decided to retire without playing a farewell match. His fans wanted to have a grand farewell match when captain Cool retired. The International Cricket Council (ICC) bid farewell to this legendary player in his style. The ICC has posted a video on their social media account showing Dhoni’s entire career. 

The ICC has put a 3-minute and 11-second video of Dhoni on their Twitter handle. It contains memories of all three ICC Trophies won by him. Dhoni has lightning-fast stumpings and the sixes of his World Cup 2011 which will be remembered for centuries and will be cherished forever. 

Not only this, but ICC have put the cover photo of Mahendra Singh Dhoni on their official Twitter page. In which Dhoni is seen with the 2007 T20 World Cup, 2013 Champions Trophy and 2011 ODI World Trophy. Dhoni is the only captain in the world of cricket history to have the fortune of winning all three big ICC titles. 

Dhoni scored 4876 runs in 90 Tests for India, which included 6 centuries. At the same time, he has 10773 runs in 350 ODIs. In the ODIs, Dhoni has scored 10 centuries and his average is 50.57. Talking about T20 bouts, he scored 1617 runs. 


  • 50.57average in ODIs
  • 47 instances of Dhoni being unbeaten in successful chase in ODIs.  Incidentally, India have lost only 2 matches, when Dhoni was NOT OUT in a chase (i) against Pakistan in Kolkata in 2013 ( ii) against ENGLAND in 2019 World cup.
  • 9 instances in which Dhoni completed a successful chase with a SIX including 2011 WC Final at Mumbai.   No other players achieved this feat more times than MSD
  • 229 SIXES hit by MSD in ODIs, only Rohit sharma hit more SIXES ( 244) for India than Dhoni.


  • 332 matches as Captain in international cricket. Dhoni led India in 200 ODIs, 72 T20Is and 60 Tests.  He has the second most wins in Limited Overs cricket in Internationals, i.e. 151 games behind only Ponting’s 172.
  • 3 ICC Tournament titles, viz., 2007 T20 WC,  2011 World Cup and Champions Trophy in 2013
  • 6,641 runs as Captain- Wicket keeper in ODIs.  No other batsman has scored as many runs while leading the side and donning the gloves.  Dhoni led India in 200 while donning gloves.


Captain Won     Loss win/Loss %

Ricky Ponting        26     2                 13

Clive Lloyd            15        2                   7.5

M.S. Dhoni             14        2                   7      

 MS Dhoni Becomes First Cricketer To Earn Rs 150 Crore in Indian Premier League History After Being Retained by CSK for IPL 2021

MS Dhoni Becomes First Cricketer To Earn Rs 150 Crore in Indian Premier League History After Being Retained by CSK for IPL 2021

MS Dhoni has become the first-ever cricketer to earn more than Rs 150 crore in Indian Premier League (IPL) history. The Chennai Super Kings (CSK) captain scripted history after being retained by CSK ahead of IPL 2021 players auction. Dhoni was retained for Rs 15 crore by CSK ahead of this season’s auction. As a result, the three-time IPL winning captain has now earned over Rs 150cr in IPL history. Reports stated Dhoni had already earned over Rs 137 crore before IPL 2021 retention day. His earnings have now gone passed over Rs 150cr after being retained for another season by CSK.

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